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Performance Improvement Plan

Performance Improvement Plan(PIP) is assigned to employees whose performance is found lacking in the defined job duties and responsibilities and in the specific areas of expertise the employee is hired for. The expectation of the PIP is that it should be reasonably achievable and the employee assigned to the PIP should have reasonable assistance in the completion of PIP.

Prior to assigning the PIP to an employee, there should be an honest and evidence based feedback provided to an employee in a timely manner. This gives the employee a timely opportunity to explain, clarify his/her position, take corrective actions and point out the inherent constraints, delegations and dependencies which affect his deliverables in the organization. The employee should also be given a fair opportunity to refute any unsubstantiated negative feedback with supporting evidences in order for everyone to have a 360 degree view. Employee should be given an opportunity to improve upon his/her performance without a formal PIP.

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